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Press Releases
11/19/18 Tewksbury Land Trust's celebrates Its Mission to Create a Ten-Mile Trail through Tewksbury
10/23/18 11 acres added to Mount Rose Preserve in Hopewell
10/09/18 Michele Byers statement on the launch of a comprehensive coastal resilience plan
10/01/18 442 acres preserved in the heart of the Pine Barrens
09/26/18 New Report Shows PennEast Pipeline Not Needed Under Any Scenario
08/29/18 130 acres along creek preserved in Hunterdon
08/21/18 NJ Conservation Groups, Rate Counsel Appeal Certificate for Proposed PennEast Pipeline
08/15/18 600 acres in Vineland to become new nature preserve
08/13/18 Conservation Groups Vow to Challenge FERC Rejection of PennEast Pipeline Rehearing Requests
08/08/18 46 acres of historic Oldwick farm preserved
08/06/18 NJ Conservation sells land to help East Point Lighthouse
07/31/18 244-acre park preserved in Lebanon Township
07/26/18 NJ Conservation Details Flaws in Gas Pipeline Review Policies
07/18/18 100 acres of prime Salem County farmland preserved
06/25/18 New Jersey Conservation and Hamilton Township preserve 64 acre farm
06/21/18 62 acres preserved in Sourland Mountains
05/23/18 Conservation Groups Cheer Governor's Signing of Expansive Clean Energy Bill, Executive Order
05/11/18 NJ Conservation Foundation congratulates Olivia Glenn on state Parks & Forestry appointment
04/24/18 NJ Conservation helps Warren County preserve land along Paulins Kill
04/10/18 Land preservation helps safeguard family's farm and rodeo traditions
04/06/18 Conservation Groups Voice Strong Support for Landmark Clean Energy Bill
04/05/18 New Jersey Groups Join Four-State Initiative for Cleaner Water in Delaware River
03/23/18 State, Land Trusts Urge Courts To Deny PennEast Pipeline Eminent Domain Overreach
02/13/18 Conservation Groups Challenge Federal Certificate for PennEast Pipeline
01/25/18 32 rural acres preserved in Hamilton Township
01/24/18 53 acres of farmland preserved in Tewksbury
01/08/18 Legislature makes history, invoking Constitution to reverse Christie's weakening of Highlands development limits
01/05/18 NJ Conservation Foundation mourns loss of former Gov. Brendan Byrne
01/04/18 Outdoor educator Lee Yeash joins NJ Conservation Foundation board
12/21/17 Catherine McCabe named next NJDEP Commissioner
12/21/17 Environmental Groups Applaud FERC Announcement that Its Gas Pipeline Approval Process Must Be Revamped
12/20/17 City of Camden's parks will soon get another 62 acre-addition
12/13/17 Finn Caspersen joins NJ Conservation Foundation board
11/27/17 Pipeline Opponents Bring Constitutional Challenge Against FERC's Use of Eminent Domain
11/01/17 Wilma Frey honored with Capstone Award
10/19/17 John Dana elected to NJ Conservation Foundation board
09/28/17 New Research Shows Cutting New Jersey's Electric Emissions by Half Is Achievable and Affordable by 2030
09/26/17 Tewksbury's 10-Mile Trail gets another link
09/22/17 New poll shows New Jersey voters favor renewable energy over natural gas
08/31/17 New Federal Data Contradict PennEast's Claims of Cost Savings
08/30/17 Family vegetable farm preserved in Upper Pittsgrove
08/02/17 Farm family preserves Hunterdon land as open space
06/29/17 Maureen Ogden named NJ Conservation Foundation Honorary Trustee
06/28/17 NJDEP Rejects PennEast Pipeline Permit Application
06/26/17 PennEast seeks extension from NJDEP despite failure to meet agency's requirements
06/13/17 1,000-plus acre preserve in Sourland Mountains moves closer to reality
05/31/17 Confirmed bobcat sighting documented along proposed PennEast route
05/24/17 Mount Rose Preserve in Hopewell to be dedicated on June 3
05/10/17 Bipartisan federal, state and local officials cite need for FERC reform, call on NJDEP to reject PennEast Pipeline
05/09/17 Bipartisan elected officials call upon NJDEP to ensure thorough review of proposed PennEast pipeline
05/03/17 Proposed federal legislation would fast-track pipeline approvals, jeopardizing health and safety
04/26/17 New Analysis Exposes FERC Failure on PennEast Pipeline Climate Review
04/25/17 Pinelands plant course to begin on May 11
04/11/17 NJDEP Must Reject PennEast Permit Request Filed Without Legal Authority, Say NJ Conservation and SBMWA
04/10/17 Family's farmland preservation tradition continues with 65 more acres saved in Salem County
04/04/17 Former NJ Governors and Legislators Issue Bipartisan Challenge to Washington to Uphold and Defend Environmental Protections
03/30/17 ALERT: Former Governors, State and Federal Legislators Call on Congressional Delegation to Protect NJ Environmental Legacy
03/20/17 Newly-preserved farm protects Readington's historic character
03/06/17 151 acres of spectacular forests and fields preserved in Sourland Mountains of East Amwell
02/07/17 Conservation groups join with LG Electronics for groundbreaking for new North American headquarters
01/24/17 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Issues Third Delay For PennEast
01/13/17 Four Former NJ Governors Urge Pinelands Commission to Reject Proposed Gas Pipeline
01/04/17 63-acre horse and goat farm preserved in Salem County
12/21/16 100 acres added to Hill & Dale Preserve in Tewksbury
12/19/16 Preservation of Salem County Farm Protects Farmland and Stream Corridor
12/16/16 Agriculture Secretary to Announce Preservation of Salem County Farm Through Unique Partnership Effort
12/01/16 Groups show PennEast's latest claims are desperate attempt to give pipeline a purpose
11/10/16 Newly-preserved Delaware Twp. parcel protects water and views
11/09/16 Feds Stall PennEast Pipeline, Application Again Suspended
10/18/16 75-acre farm adds to Pilesgrove's preserved lands
10/06/16 "Thanks but No Thanks" to PennEast
10/03/16 Six Flags Agrees to Environmentalists' Action to Block Clearcut
09/28/16 PennEast submits out-of-time route changes, FERC urged to halt review
09/21/16 Sourland woodland set for preservation by Montgomery
09/15/16 NJEP, EPA, US Fish & Wildlife Service raise significant objections to proposed PennEast pipeline
09/13/16 Energy expert report, ratepayer advocate agency invalidate alleged need for PennEast, challenge pipeline's failure to examine viable alternatives
08/18/16 Despite significant discouragement, pipeline opponents turn out in full force for FERC meetings on PennEast project
08/15/16 Environmental groups challenge transfer of public beach to private developer
08/11/16 Regional business owners, concerned citizens united against PennEast pipeline during critical comment period
08/10/16 Landmark hayfields preserved in Bedminster
08/03/16 Congressman Lance urges reauthorization of federal land preservation funding
07/28/16 FERC to consider public need for PennEast pipeline
07/20/16 Conservation groups move to force PennEast to show need for proposed pipeline
07/05/16 Preservation allows farmer to keep 70-acre farm
06/15/16 Groups seek hearing on need for PennEast pipeline
06/15/16 Freeholders, New Jersey Conservation Foundation & Hillsborough Township Announce Key Addition to Sourland Mountain Preserve
05/26/16 Experts urge FERC to suspend review of incomplete PennEast pipeline application
05/25/16 100 more acres preserved at landmark Tewksbury farm
05/10/16 Petition results show widespread opposition to PennEast Pipeline
05/10/16 Newly-preserved Salem County farm breeds dairy cows for global market
05/03/16 1,100-acre purchase expands Franklin Parker Preserve
05/03/16 Groups sue PennEast Pipeline for trespassing on private property
04/22/16 NJ Conservation Foundation applauds NY State Department of Environmental Protection for denying Constitution Pipeline certificate
04/05/16 Public invited to April 24 open house at Mount Rose Preserve
03/31/16 PennEast pipeline project delayed
03/29/16 Preserving family farm in Pilesgrove is 'good for the area'
03/11/16 Energy expert analysis debunks PennEast justification for proposed pipeline
03/03/16 811 acres purchased for new nature preserve in Pemberton
02/01/16 Landmark riverfront farm preserved in Bedminster
01/25/16 Conservation Organizations, Elected Officials Urge Suspension of PennEast Pipeline Review
01/12/16 8.7 acres preserved near Sergeantsville covered bridge
12/16/15 ReThink Energy NJ urges "yes" vote on landmark renewable energy bill
11/30/15 Couple preserves 10 acres on Princeton Ridge
11/23/15 Mount Rascal Preserve expands by 113 acres
11/23/15 NJ Conservation announces $30 million capital campaign
11/17/15 Olivia Glenn receives Camden County sustainability award
11/16/15 33-acre family farm preserved in Hunterdon County
11/12/15 PennEast Pipeline Not Needed for Reliability: Research Shows Claims are Flawed and Outdated
11/04/15 PennEast pipeline job creation claims significantly overstates, study finds
10/30/15 Freeholders & NJ Conservation Foundation announce addition to Sourland Mountain Preserve
10/28/15 Conservation groups hail NJDEP's Leidy pipeline decision
10/22/15 New Poll Shows Bipartisan Support in NJ for More Renewable Energy, and Concerns About Pipelines
09/30/15 Freeholders, New Jersey Conservation Foundation & Hillsborough Township Announce Key Addition to Sourland Mountain Preserve
09/22/15 Bipartisan opposition mounts to PennEast pipeline
09/08/15 44-acre property preserved in Raritan Township
08/26/15 New preserve in Hopewell Twp. named for Mount Rose
08/20/15 Conservation groups start campaign against South Jersey Gas Pipeline in Pine Barrens
08/13/15 BPU urged to respond to call for rapid transition to clean energy
07/31/15 PennEast directed to cease and desist
07/28/15 NJ Conservation partners with filmmaker on 'The Creature Show'
07/27/15 Landowners to PennEast: Respect our rights
07/21/15 Statement on Baldpate Mountain pipeline threat
07/08/15 Land acquisition expands Pine Barrens preserve to over 10,000 acres
06/23/15 NJ Conservation Foundation issues statement on LG settlement
06/23/15 Conservation groups and LG reach 'win-win' settlement
06/23/15 Conservation groups urge 'no' vote on state land sale plan
06/01/15 NJ Conservation Foundation steps up pipeline opposition, hires Tom Gilbert to lead campaign
05/19/15 Grandson of NJ Conservation founder becomes new president
05/04/15 50 acres next to Ken Lockwood Gorge preserved
04/27/15 40-acre farm preserved in Warren County
04/20/15 Partnership saves 320 acres in rural Hopewell Township
02/24/15 48-acre farm in Warren County preserved
02/24/15 Batona Trail parcel donated to NJ Conservation
01/29/15 NJ Conservation passes resolution opposing PennEast pipeline
01/16/15 NJ Conservation chosen for $700K federal grant
01/07/15 120 acres of forest and farmland preserved in Warren County
01/02/15 NJ Conservation wins Regional Excellence Award
10/31/14 148-acre Hamilton Township farm preserved
10/22/14 Nature preserve named for Maureen Ogden
09/30/14 Donation adds 50 acres to Hill & Dale Preserve
08/04/14 NJ Conservation praises Assembly for open space vote
07/24/14 NJ Conservation awards $50K in grants for preserves and programs
06/05/14 Palisades protection advances in NJ Senate
05/08/14 Michele Byers receives Women of Achievement Award
04/28/14 Senate committee discusses protection for Palisades
04/07/14 Major Opponents of LG Tower Join Legal Battle to Protect Palisades Park
04/03/14 New Jersey Conservation Foundation receives water protection grants
03/26/14 Preserving 'a good way of life' in Warren County
03/25/14 Former governors defend Palisades
01/23/14 New Jersey Conservation Foundation seeks to intervene in lawsuit to protect historic Palisades
01/06/14 Key addition made to Sourland Mountain Preserve
10/25/13 Partnership seeks to preserve 240 acres in Hopewell
10/17/13 Celebrating 30th anniversary of state's Farmland Preservation Program
10/15/13 4.3 wooded acres preserved in Princeton
08/22/13 106-acre farm preserved in Hunterdon County
08/21/13 Environmental groups withdraw support of forestry bill after Governor removes safeguards
08/09/13 Theodore Chase joins conservation foundation board
06/27/13 67 acres of Hopewell Valley Vineyards land preserved
06/06/13 Four former NJ governors urge LG Electronics to preserve landmark Palisades
06/05/13 94 acres preserved in Delaware Township
04/22/13 Celebrate Earth Day by establishing open space funding source
04/04/13 Former Montgomery mayor joins NJCF board
02/19/13 New Jersey Conservation Foundation earns national recognition
02/11/13 Franklin Parker Preserve photos included in Pine Barrens exhibit
01/11/13 Designation of First State-Owned Off-Road Vehicle Park Should Trigger New Requirements
01/11/13 Historic Pony Farm preserved in Bedminster
12/13/12 Environmental community calls for a better, smarter New Jersey
10/22/12 36-acre Warren County property preserved
10/16/12 348 acres to be added to Somerset County preserve
10/10/12 Highlands award named for Wilma Frey
09/18/12 NJ Keep It Green praises Green Acres funding
08/22/12 44 wooded acres preserved on Schooley's Mountain
06/28/12 48-acre farm preserved in Cumberland County
06/25/12 Tewksbury agricultural preserve expands by 41 acres
05/24/12 Long Valley preserve expands by four acres
04/19/12 New Batona Trail section debuts
04/04/12 129 Acres Conserved as Public Natural Area will protect Dixon's Pond
02/28/12 Learn about Pinelands plants at two special courses
02/07/12 Third generation nurseryman preserves Cumberland farm
12/22/11 Future Patriots' Path parcel turned over to Morris County
12/08/11 Wetlands restoration wins Governor's Environmental Excellence Award
11/22/11 Former Assemblywoman urges stable funding for land preservation
11/04/11 Observation platform dedicated to three conservationists
10/03/11 First parcel in new Princeton Ridge Preserve is dedicated
09/22/11 Tewksbury community celebrates new 115-acre preserve
08/25/11 14 acres along Princeton Ridge preserved as natural area
08/18/11 115 acres in Tewksbury preserved for nature and agriculture
07/06/11 313-acre Horseshoe Bend Park Dedicated in Kingwood Township
07/01/11 Enjoy yoga outdoors on Tuesday, Sept. 13
06/16/11 United We Stand for a Clean and Healthy Future: Environmentalists, Citizens, Unions & Religious Leaders to Hold Action Day and Rally To Fight Environmental Rollbacks
05/25/11 Conservation rocked at May 14 Barn Dance in Hunterdon County
04/12/11 Learn about Pinelands plants at special summer course
03/23/11 Federal funds used to preserve four Cumberland County farms
03/14/11 15.5 acres along Delaware River Bluffs is preserved
03/12/11 Stargazers invited to May 28 'Star Watch' in Chatsworth
03/11/11 Dance to the Motown beat at "Mo-Barn" barn dance on May 14
03/03/11 Judge's land donation helps protect Maurice River watershed in Cumberland County
02/22/11 60-acre farm preserved in Warren County's Musconetcong Valley
02/13/11 Nature photography workshop on June 7
02/02/11 Explore the Cooper River by canoe on Sunday, June 12
02/01/11 101-acre donation protects rare species habitat in Ocean County
02/01/11 Prius raffle winner finds car matches "green" lifestyle
01/11/11 Conservation Foundation rings out busiest year ever
12/13/10 Apshawa deer drive confirms overpopulation within preserve
12/06/10 228 wooded acres preserved in Long Valley
11/01/10 Festive fundraiser celebrates 50 years of conservation
10/23/10 Pine Barrens preserve named for Candace McKee Ashmun
10/08/10 Donations sought to create 160-acre Hill & Dale Preserve
09/24/10 Cumberland County preservation keeps farmer on the farm
08/29/10 Preserved farm in Warren County to become home to water buffalo
08/19/10 Preservation of 57-acre farm expands Hillsborough green belt
08/16/10 242 acres of farmland preserved in Warren County
08/04/10 Newly preserved farm is "sacred space" for Bedminster couple
05/19/10 476 acres of agricultural and ecological treasures preserved in Mannington Meadows of Salem County
05/06/10 Enjoy a hike and country picnic in Oldwick on Saturday, May 22
05/05/10 Protected 63-acre Highlands property links to Wildcat Ridge
04/30/10 Stargazers invited to May 15 'Star Watch' in Chatsworth
04/27/10 Christopher Jage, Willow School win environmental awards
04/23/10 Get up and boogie at 'Barn 54' on Saturday, May 15
03/23/10 New partnership between military and conservation group preserves 107-acre hunting camp in Pine Barrens

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